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Isaac Thorpe is the founder of AvionBit. Since 2010, he began to get involved in trading, in which he reached great heights. He showed his first leadership qualities in Liverpool, where his team was created, which began with only 10 people in 2015. Initially, his team was created as a profit-making mechanism using its own marketing and trading tools. The expert approach to team management and the professionalism of Isaac's team of traders began to bring serious results to investors, who subsequently increased their investment portfolios. Isaac started thinking about scaling, building a website, several programs and products for investors. Soon the launch of a mobile application, as well as an office program. After that, in 2021, the start and launch of the international company AvionBit took place. At the moment, the AvionBit company has a staff of traders, analysts, financial managers, software developers who provide an incredible opportunity to earn money without being exposed to risks. Highly qualified AvionBit specialists trade in the commodity, stock and cryptocurrency markets, opening many arbitrage transactions, distributing risks and using the basics of scalping and risk management. They use many instruments for trading, including stocks, currencies, indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities, ETFs and options, bonds and financial futures ... Traders and analysts of the company operate on more than 40 instruments for trading, which allows you to increase income in a short time. Investments in the aviation industry play an important role in diversification. Unlike real estate or other infrastructure, aircraft as an asset generate more stable and predictable cash flows based on monthly rental payments. Dr Aliu highlighted the importance of developing and implementing national and regional aviation infrastructure programs and plans in close collaboration with stakeholders in the investment community, and noted that for government planning purposes, strategic infrastructure targets and desired performance indicators need to be set in line with with ICAO global plans.

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Our company conducts absolutely legal activities in the legal field. We are certified to operate investment business, we are legal and safe.

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